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the ridiculously good kind



“My mother is a physician, my father is a magician and I’m somewhere in between.”

Hi, I’m J.P. I am a lover of music and people.  While DJing, I seek to create a custom and personalized music experience. You might cry, you might laugh, but you will definitely dance!  Being the son of a doctor and magician, I seek to create an experience that is both uniquely technical and equally entertaining.

Each person has a unique personality, each couple has its own personality, so why should the music at your wedding be any different?

There are no cookie-cutter recipes in my book.  Each wedding I do is completely customized and curated to each couple (how's that for alliteration).  So whether you like Marvin Gaye or Taylor Swift, Nirvana or Norah Jones, Aerosmith or Will Smith I've got you covered.  You can trust that I'll use my fifteen years of DJ experience to paint a beautiful, musical picture that you'll love.

Sure, I can tell you I’m good, but nothing is more convincing than the power of word of mouth.

There's nothing better than having complete confidence in the people you hire for your wedding.  I can tell you I'm good, but nothing is more convincing than the power of word of mouth.  So click here to read some raving reviews on my Yelp Page. 


I would love to connect with you!  Feel free to leave me your info and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.  Sometimes my email responses may get sent to your junk mailbox so please double check your spam inbox for an email from (djp@iamdjp.com).  If I don't hear from you in a week I will follow-up from another email :)

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