There's nothing better than having complete confidence in the people you hire for your wedding.  I can tell you I'm good, but nothing is more convincing than the power of word of mouth.  So here are some raving reviews from some former clients.  I've listed just a few here but you can find more on my Yelp page by clicking here.

If you're looking for a wedding DJ, stop looking and book JP immediately. 

JP just did my wedding on 6/6 and it is no exaggeration to say that I will never look at wedding DJs the same ever again. JP plays a man's game and makes every other wedding DJ I've ever seen look like a drunk uncle shuffling through an Ipod. 

There are so many buffoons in the wedding DJ industry, it seemed as though it would be an insurmountable task to find the perfect DJ. I did not want an out of touch goober wearing a fedora lugging around a music catalog populated with top-40 hits from three years ago. I also did not want a spray-tanned frat-boy in a snapback hat and oversized headphones telling me that everyone loves EDM. If these things sound horrible to you as well and you are looking for someone to make your wedding unforgettable, hire JP. 

I could go on forever with reasons why you should hire JP but here are a few very important ones:

-Professionalism: I contacted a lot of wedding DJs during the planning phase of my wedding and one common thread between them all was a staggering lack of professionalism manifested through sluggish communication, unexplained price fluctuations, and a general unwillingness to take input on music. You will not find any of these things with JP. If you are planning a wedding and you go with JP, I promise you will not come across an easier person to work with. 

-Musical Sensibility: I love music and it was very important to me to find a DJ that was going to create the musical experience I was looking for. JP took input and produced an evening of music that I can only describe as perfect. If you're looking for a sloppy, forty-year-old white dude that is going to play 'shout' and say something stupid into the microphone every third song, then JP is certainly not for you. 

-Stress Reliever: In most wedding situations, you need your DJ to handle the flow of the wedding and make sure things happen when and how they are supposed to. From ceremony music, to introducing people and announcing housekeeping issues along the way. JP took care of everything for us and managed the flow of our wedding in a way that allowed us to step back and just have fun. JP has a great sense of how things are supposed to happen and a personal touch that you don't often see in the industry. 

I could go on forever. JP is the man and I have no doubt he will be killing weddings for as long as he wishes to continue in the industry. The morning after our wedding, my wife and I were already trying to think of the next event that we could book JP for. Hire JP and you will not be disappointed.

OUTSTANDING! Five marks doesn't do JP justice - 10/10.

There are many superlatives to describe JP and his work. JP made our wedding spectacular! Hands down amazing. My new wife and I have really high standards and wanted someone to bring an experience that transcended the conventional. We were not disappointed. In fact, we were blessed with someone who connected with us and our guests in many levels, and someone who crafted an unforgettable experience.

I wouldn't even classify JP in the same league as other wedding or event entertainers. Many of the guests who are involved in managing and staging big events were equally impressed by his magical talents and his calm demeanor.

So if you have a special occasion coming up on the calendar, give JP a call.

We searched all over for a DJ that met all the qualities that we wanted in our modern wedding this past July 17th, 2014. We are very glad we found JP because he was everything that we were looking for. He took the time to wake up super early in Africa (where he was living at the time) and Skype chat for the first meeting.  He was very kind, classy, and easy to work with. I don't think a single wedding guest left the celebration early; everyone happily danced and partied until the event shut down... what more could one possibly hope for during an extremely fun wedding? :) People of all ages had a wonderful time. JP did a fantastic job. Book him for your next event and you'll be so glad you did.